By: Alishia McCullough

Content Warning: Mention of Murder, Enslavement, Trauma

Black folks have been going through trauma in relationship to America since the first ship arrived to capture and enslave Africans over 400+ years ago. When slavery was abolished in 1865, it was tranformed into modern day systemic enslavement, which touches every part of our lives today. Beginning with the criminalization of Black bodies that funded the Prison–industrial complex resulting in disproportionate mass incarceration of Black men, and increased free labor from those who are incarcerated in the U.S. To laws that lead to housing discrimination that left Black folks…

By: Alishia McCullough

I stand by the Maori proverb that says, “My success is not mine alone, it is that of the collective”. This quote helps me remember that as I grow, I am not alone, there are countless other women and ancestors that have paved my way. I know that their legacy lives within me, they are cheering me on, and that one day our voices will unite and continue to cheer on the next woman.

A woman that inspires me is my paternal grandmother, she was born November, 18th 1924 in a southern rural township in North Carolina. Her father passed…

by: Alishia McCullough

Mia and Elena: The Dynamics Between Black and White Women

The first fire began on day one in the dynamic between Elena and Mia. Elena did what most cis hetero “well-intentioned” white women do when they feel lead to protect their whiteness- she called the cops. Yes, the very first time that Elena and Mia appear in the same scene is when she is driving through her neighborhood and sees a black woman sleeping in a car that she does not recognize. Instead of her going about her day she automatically internalizes Mia’s existence in a white…

Created By: Alishia McCullough M.S., LCMHCA, NCC

Edited By: Jardin Dogan, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCC


The seven circles of whiteness is a learning tool that puts a name to the myriad of ways that whiteness exist as a construct in American culture by highlighting specific behaviors and thinking patterns associated with each of the categories. The 7 Circles of Whiteness also explores the overlap within the way that whiteness exist. This learning tool uses the concept of a circle to represent the duality of sequence and overlap that exist within whiteness, which helps to unbind rigidity around the way that…

Alishia McCullough M.S., LCMHCA, NCC

People from all over the world, and specifically within my community are in pain, we are fed up, we are angry, the impact of this trauma cannot be intellectualized or articulated in a way that would accurately describe our experience. Many of us are grieving the lives taken by police brutality not only in recent events, but throughout our history. We are grieving for the lack of accountability and injustice that has existed for years. Many of us are also grieving the loss of our fellow black and brown people to colonization and white supremacy…

by: Alishia McCullough

rich and warm voices travel through the night

reminding me that they are around me and within me

they are fragments of my own voice

highly esteemed narrators and oracles

their songs echo in my thoughtless hum

their thoughts reside within my subconscious

they have passed down ancestral trauma, wisdom, and strength

their laughs are exuberant

beginning at the belly and rumbling off my vertebrae

my uneasiness in the land that I call home is their wisdom as to where I belong

guiding me closer to the origins of all humanity

they are the yesterday and the…

Alishia McCullough

Hello, my name is Alishia McCullough (she, her, hers) and I am a millennial Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist and National Certified Counselor

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